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The NeuroMuscular Function research group mainly operates in three areas: physical activity for health, sport performance and match analysis, and neuromuscular function. These areas are strongly related to the so-called Exercise and Sport Sciences: all the staff members have a MS in such a field and a PhD obtained with a massive period of research in at least one of the above mentioned areas.

Performance in sport systems are investigated in two main areas: through the neuromuscular function on one side and match and statistical analysis on the other one. Finally, a constant focus on the evaluation of the movement quality, on the health and well-being states and on the lifestyle changes is held with the aim to increase individual awareness in physical activity.

The challenge is to use technologies and approaches, whose reliability is confirmed by years of university scientific research, to provide to the end users easy to use devices, applications, and interventions looking for the best tradeoff between simplicity, effectiveness, and scientific affordability.

In order to guarantee high job performance, satisfaction and health, a project called Wellness @Work for UniTo has been recently developed with the aim to assess levels of physical capacity (PICs) and tailor indications on sports activities, physical exercises and/or physical activities that who work in UniTo can autonomously carry out to improve PIC values.

The NMF research group operates within the Department of Medical Sciences of the University of Turin (www.unito.it) and is physically located at the SUISM-Centro Servizi (https://www.suism.unito.it) in Via Chiabrera 27.


Department of Medical Sciences

Motor Science Research Center

NeuroMuscular Function research group

SUISM, University of Turin

Via Chiabrera, 27

10126 Torino, Italy

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