In line with the European Commission guidelines, the following international (Erasmus+) and national (Department of Medical Sciences, University of Turin) projects are developing the monitoring of needs and the promotion of solutions for European and Italian student-athletes’ dual career, respectively. As consequence, the NMF Research Group is aiming to define and practically provide the best policies for the student-athletes attending the University of Turin.


Erasmus+ project

Athletes as Entrepreneurs – “ATLAS”.

January the 1st, 2020 – December the 31st 2022

Programme: Erasmus+; Key action: Sport; Action: Collaborative Partnerships; Call for proposals: EAC-A03-2018.

This project represents a follow-up to the AtLETyC project, promoting a more hands-on knowledge for the Athletes who are planning to start their own business. Additionally, it would like to provide them the most current learning content in the field of Entrepreneurship adapted for the needs of Athletes with some very interesting benefits for our special target group.


Erasmus+ project

AtLETyC – Athletes Learning Entrepreneurship – a new Type of Dual Career Approach”

1 Gennaio 2016-30 Giugno 2018

Programme: Erasmus+; Key action: Sport; Action: Collaborative Partnerships; Call for proposals: Promote and support good governance in sport and dual careers of Athletes, especially by supporting the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes.

This project aimed at defining a tailored course for student-athletes on the theme of the Entrepreneurship. In particular, the AtLETyC consortium worked on the development of a training composed by web-based modules and/or face to face modules according the “Blended Learning”-Concept:

  • General MOOC-based modules in English on overlapping topics equal in all partner         countries (
  • Special modules with country specific subtitled learning content.


Departmental projects

Monitoring of the dual career of student-athletes at the University of Turin (part I and II)

January the 1st, 2015 – December the 31st 2016; January the 1st, 2017 – December the 31st 2018.

Programme: University of Turin, Department of Medical Sciences; call for proposals: Ricerca Locale ex60% 2016-17 and Ricerca Locale ex60% 2014.

The present project was focused on evaluating motivation and identity in the student-athletes of the University of Turin. In addition, this investigation was also oriented to a better awareness of the actual and wished academic supports for this category of subjects, thus highlighting the best needed policies.