People spend a huge part of their life (about 90,000 hours) on-the-job. To guarantee high job performance and satisfaction, the workplaces must necessarily be configured as a setting to increase health, wellness and specifically the physical health of employees. To answer to these needs, we developed and tested the PhysIcal Capacity score (PICs). PICs is a composite score indicating an overall level of physical capacity. It is ranged from 0 to 100, with a score of 50 indicating the average level for the general population matched for gender and age of the participant. PICs procedure includes the execution of physical tests in six areas (manual dexterity, upper limb strength, balance, flexibility, lower limb strength, cardiovascular fitness). At the end of tests, we provide the PICs with the identification of the areas of strength and weakness. Tailored indications on sports activities, physical exercises and/or physical activities to be carried out to improve the weaker areas were provided. The PICs is now addressed to employees of University of Torino, but in the next future its use can be extended to other companies. The next step will be to implement an automatic version of the system to allow the administration of the same tests without the presence of operator.

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