Integrated approach (i.e., models involving several factors) promoting high quality sport performance analysis on individuals or teams.

Only with the consideration of several performance indicators, it will possible to be aware about findings (and practical applications) related to players’ performance.

  • Strength area (force plate)
    • countermovement jump (CMJ) test
    • plyometric push up jump (PPU) test
  • HR response area (HR monitor device)
    • time at >90%HRmax (as maximal intensity indicator)
    • ITL according HR-based methods (Edwards, 1993; Bannister, 1991)
  • Time-motion areas (GPS)
    • total distance (as volume indicator)
    • time spent at >20W (as high running speed indicator; high intensity indicator)
  • Notational-video-analysis area
    • occurrence of specific game events (tackles in rugby, assists in basketball, or jumps in volleyball, etc.)
    • work-to-rest ratio (as density indicator)
  • Psychometric area
    • well-being score (McLean et al., 2010; subscales on: fatigue, sleep quality, general muscle soreness, stress levels, mood)
    • rating of perceived effort (RPE) by means of the CR-10 scale (Foster et al., 1995) (ITL by means of session-RPE method).
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