Changes in lifestyle habits and the implementation of tailored exercise interventions are crucial in people with chronic disease sensitive to physical exercise. These needs were also suggested by a recent regional law proposal (n° 231, December 2016). Hence we realized the first “Palestra Salute” of the Piedmont Region. The Palestra Salute is the environment where people affected by one or more clinically stable chronic diseases (i.e. osteoporosis, arthrosis, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, etc…) can perform a tailored program of physical exercise supervised by experts with a Master Degree in Adapted Physical Exercise. The program is structured in three areas: cardiorespiratory, neuromuscular, core stability and balance. The fraction of work for each area and the type of exercises are adapted on the basis of: i) type of chronic disease, ii) individual level of physical functioning measured with a baseline assessment. A multidimensional assessment, using validated tools, is programmed before and after the physical exercise, in order to detect general health status and physical, cognitive, psychosocial functioning. First results demonstrated that physical exercise is well tolerated by individuals and it can increase in a short time physical functioning (balance, gait, strength, endurance, ecc…) with positive effects on autonomy and health related quality of life.


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